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Bromo-Ijen 2 Days 1 Night Tour Package – Touring as well as adventuring with family or close friends is fun activities. For that reason, in this tour package, we offer you to tour 2 places in 2 days and 1 night. You will be able to adventure using private jeeps in the Bromo Mountain areas, starting with the Golden Sunrise, Bromo crater, into the Batok Mountain photo spots, and Ponten Temple (practically, all areas of Bromo Mountain). After you feel satisfied exploring all Bromo areas, we will bring you to lunch, relax, and rest at the hotel while preparing for the travel into the Ijen Mountain. Ijen Mountain tracking will be done early in the morning, and you will taken into adventure to watch The Blue Fire and enjoying the Ijen Mountain sunrise.

As a Malang based travel agent, we highly recommend this package for you as it is very suitable for those who wants to go into vacation with family or friends between the work or school days, because it’s short enough but you get to visit very beautiful and memorable places. More over, you will also be taken into several local tourist attractions to add to your satisfactions.

A Glimpse about Bromo Mountain

Bromo Mountain is one of Indonesian active mountains that have a lot of visits by local and foreign tourists. Surrounded by breathtaking beauty of nature, Bromo Mountain offer several nice spots for its tourists. Here’s some of them:

  1.  Penanjakan 1: This place is one of the best spot to watch the sun rising (Golden Sunrise) in Bromo Mountain. Visitors can enjoy spectacular sceneries from atop of the mountain with the great Semeru Mountain as the background.
  2. Bukit King Kong: This hill is popular because it’s shape likened into the big ape (King Kong). From here, visitors can enjoy beautiful sceneries of Bromo Mountain and its slopes.
  3. Bukit Cinta Bromo: This place is the favorite of couples who wants to enjoy romantic moments and breathtaking natural sceneries.
  4. Seruni Point: This location offer amazing sceneries from a high spot, including sceneries of Bromo Mountain, Batok Mountain, Glass Bridge, and Sea of Sand.
  5. Lembah Widodaren: A beautiful valley with thick green trees. This place is great for just strolling and relaxing, while enjoying its surrounding natural beauty.
  6. Kawah Bromo: This crater is one of main Bromo Mountain attractions. Visitors can do light climbing into the lower edge of the crater and witness interesting vulcanic activities.
  7. Batok Mountain: Even though it’s smaller than Bromo Mountain, Batok Mountain have its own charm with its forest and green slope sceneries.
  8. Pura Luhur Poten: A Hindu temple located at the feet of Bromo Mountain. This place is often used for religious ceremonies and part of Tengger people’s religious life.
  9. Pasir Berbisik: A wide area of sand around Bromo Mountain that give unique experience of walking in the smooth and clean sand.
  10. Jembatan Kaca Bromo: It is one of the newer attractions in the Bromo Mountain area. This bridge offer spectacular view from a high spot with Bromo Mountain and Sea of Sand as the background. Visitors can walk atop this bridge to feel the sensation of walking in the sky and capture the moments with memorable photos.

With several kinds of interesting tourist attractions, Bromo Mountain has became very popular destination for the local or foreign visitors who wants to explore Indonesian natural beauty.

A Glimpse of Ijen Mountain

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Ijen Mountain is one of interesting active volcanoes in Indonesia, mainly because of its particular traditional sulfur mining activities and natural phenomenon like The Blue Fire. Ijen Mountain located at the border of Kabupaten Banyuwangi and Kabupaten Bondowoso, East Java, Indonesia. Its strategic location allowed it to easily accessed by visitors who wants to enjoy its natural beauty and unique natural phenomenon there.

  1. Traditional Sulfur Mining: Ijen crater is popular because of sulfur mining activities done by the traditional sulfur farmer. They are using simple tools and doing difficult work to mine sulfor from the crater.
  2. Blue Fire: The Blue Fire Phenomenon is one of Ijen Mountain’s main attractions for the visitors. This Blue Fire formed from the naturally burning sulfur gas from the inside of crater during night until early morning. This phenomenon is very spectacular and rarely found elsewhere.
  3. Natural View: Aside of The Blue Fire, Ijen Mountain alse offer breathtaking natural view. From the summit, visitors can enjoy views of the wide crater and its fascnating green tosca colored lake.
  4. Hiking: Ijen Mountain hiking usually start from Paltuding Post, which can be reached by vehicles from Banyuwangi or Bondowoso. Hiking route to the mountain summit is challenging, but will give memorable experience for the hikers.

With the combinations of traditional sulfur mining activities, the rare Blue Fire, and Ijen Mountain’s natural beauty, this place has became one of the most popular destination in East Java and has gained the worldwide attention of tourist across the world.

Bromo-Ijen 2 Days 1 Night Tour Package Itinerary

First Day
23.30 – 00.00Pick up participants at the airport/station/agreed meeting point
00.00 – 02.30Moving from Malang city to Jeep Shuttle
02.30 – 03.00Rest for a while and waiting for the Bromo Jeep Preparation
03.00 – 10.00Bromo Tour starts by driving a 4WD Jeep. You will be invited to enjoy the Golden Sunrise on Pananjakan/Kingkong Hill/Love Hill. Continue to Telletubies Hill, then towards the whispering sands then once you are satisfied we invite you to go to the Bromo Crater Area, Mt. Batok Photo Spot and Ponten Temple
10.00 – 11.00Back to Bromo Wonokitri Post and have lunch with a typical Tengger food menu
11.00 – 17.00Go to the journey to Ijen Crater and check in hotel
17.00Rest, Finish First Day
Second Day
00.00 – 00.30Early morning call and preparation for climbing to Ijen Crater
00.30 – 07.00Ijen Climbing Begins, the climbing route at the Ijen crater is slightly uphill and steep, prepare your stamina for tracking for approximately 2-3 hours, if you are lucky you will witness the bluefire phenomenon and the sunrise
07.00 – 10.00Finish exploring the Ijen crater, back to the hotel
10.00 – 17.00Check out hotel and return to Malang/Surabaya/agreed destination
17.00Tour Finished
The schedule that we provide is flexible, where you can change some of the tourist attractions taken according to your needs. For further information, please contact our CS regarding this matter

It will be easier and more timely if you already have a health certificate from a doctor

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